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The 7 Photos Of Obama And Babies We All Need Right Now. Like, Seriously

Russiagate and Trumpcare news got you down? Let these pics be the antidote.

“I'm still asking you to believe — not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours. I believe in change because I believe in you.”

That was Barack Obama’s official last tweet as the president of the United States, written on January 20, his last day in office. He was talking to all of us, but let’s keep it real: As photos snapped over the past decade show, the people Obama believes in — and loves — the most might just be the pint-sized ones. And six months after he left office, it seems the nation is hungrier than ever for pics of Obama the Baby Whisperer in action.

That explains why pictures of him taken last week at Anchorage International Airport with a 6-month-old baby named Giselle have gone viral. The infant’s mother, Jolene Jackinsky, told The Associated Press that Obama walked over to her and asked, “Who is this pretty girl?” about the baby. They snapped some adorable selfies, which Jackinsky uploaded to Facebook, and now people are feeling all the feels about the images.

Fortunately for us, Obama’s official photographer, Pete Souza, took dozens of pictures of the former president hugging, fist-bumping, and lifting kids in the air, and they’re all in a publicly available archive. Looking through the pictures in the slideshow above, it’s heartwarming to see how Obama always has a smile or twinkle in his eyes when he interacts with kids. He knows they’re our national treasure, and we — parents, extended family members, mentors, teachers, and community members — have to keep believing in our ability to create the future that is rightfully theirs.

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