This Artist Is Giving Bratz Dolls an Awesome Feminist Makeover

Would you like to see a Hillary Clinton Bratz doll? That fantasy may not be far-fetched.

Artist Wendy Tsao is reimagining Bratz dolls by remaking them to resemble inspiring role models for young women.

So far, Tsao has made dolls of Jane Goodall, Roberta Bondar, Waris Dirie, Malala Yousafzai, and J.K. Rowling. On her website, she also includes a quote from each woman and a link to donate to their foundation or favorite charity.

Would you like to see your favorite inspirational person made into a doll? Tsao is open to commissions, if they fit the right criteria. Hillary Bratz doll for 2016? You make the call.

*All images and captions via Wendy Tsao.