Missouri Teen Awakens the Force and the Christmas Spirit with a Cool Photo Project

Experience the dark side of Christmas.

The holidays are upon us, but for many people across the globe, there is another reason why they’re feeling giddy: Star Wars. The seventh episode of the mega-popular sci-fi saga hits theaters in the United States on Friday, December 18, and excitement has hit a fever pitch. Will it live up to the glory of its ‘70s and ‘80s predecessors or bum everyone out like the prequel trilogy from creator George Lucas? Also, where the heck is Luke Skywalker in the trailers? And why is that ball droid so stinking cute? All of our intergalactic questions will be answered in just a few weeks.

To get everyone in the mood for both Star Wars and Christmas, Facebook user Kyle Shearrer put together this awesome slideshow of Imperial Stormtroopers assembling a plastic Christmas tree. Check out these diligent clones (or are they?) as they work together to capture the Empire’s Christmas spirit.

(H/T Facebook)