The Look On A Kid’s Face While Watching Television Is Way Creepier Than You’d Imagine

Zombies are among us.

In an attempt to caution parents about the role of technology in their kids’ lives, Brooklyn-based photographer Donna Stevens’ created this interesting photo series called Idiot Box. Inspired by her own son’s interaction with the family iPad, the project portrays children in a zombie-like state while being mesmerisedby the TV. .

“TV is just one of the ever present black mirrors through which we negotiate our lives today,” Stevens said. “Idiot Box hopes to explore the darker side of our love for technology…”

All of the subjects are local kids she knows from Brooklyn. They were asked what their favorite show on Netflix was, and then Stevens just started photographing them.

“None of them talked or moved during the shoot. I didn’t direct them in any way. And even though I was positioned right in front of them with my camera they barely noticed me.”