The United States of Plaid? The United States of Plaid?
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The United States of Plaid?

by Zak Stone

December 26, 2011
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From lumberjack shirts and pajamas to ‘90s grunge and high fashion, plaid is the pattern that doesn't quit. Like many of the people who wear it daily, it hangs around. People have claimed to be sick of the pattern for years now, only to keep wearing it.

It's preppy, it's street, it's fashionable, it's low-end, it's hip, it's bro, it's GQ, it's QVC. It's so ubiquitous it's almost not worth commenting on.  

But what is it about criss-crossing lines that appeals to so many? Is plaid the glue that holds this fractured nation together? Quite possibly. See a slideshow for some of the places that plaid's popped up on GOOD in recent months.

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The United States of Plaid?