Cubs And Diamondbacks Engage In Wild Dance-Off During Series Of Rain Delays

That escalated quickly.

The Diamondbacks beat the Cubs Thursday night, but the real story from the matchup came from the Wrigley Field bullpens as the relief pitchers found a creative way to pass the time during three rain delays.

It started midway through the second delay, when the Diamondbacks relievers did this:

All images via MLB.

With the gauntlet thrown down for a dance-off, the Cubs pulled out the horse masks:

The Diamondbacks responded with … this:

Which led to this fishing expedition:

Then something we’ve never seen or heard of before, possibly called “human bowling.”

There is also the complete “Battle of the Bullpens,” brought to you by the Chicago Cubs:

The Diamondbacks won 10-8, and so did the world of dance.