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This Dad Built His Young Daughter An ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course In Their Backyard

Over 100 million people have watched 5-year-old Lylah dominate the course

5-year-old Lylah MacCall is going to have a pretty big leg up on the competition when she’s finally old enough to audition for American Ninja Warrior. Though she’s still a few years away from making a run at the course, her dad, Gavin, has built her an amazing (and adorable) training course in the family’s very own backyard.

It seems that Lylah’s a pretty big fan of the show that pits exceotional athletes, male and female, against a grueling and formidable obstacle course. While Lylah’s only been alive for about half of the show’s nine-season run, you’ll see from this video that she’s a pretty quick study when it comes to mastering the course her dad put together.

Note Gavin’s attention to detail not just in recreating the obstacles, but also the full American Ninja Warrior experience, utilizing Lylah’s stuffed animal collection as audience members cheering her on.

Remarkably, this isn’t the first time Gavin’s stepped up to put his daughter in the obstacle course. Last year, he created a course in the family’s living room that saw Lylah tumbling, tip-toeing, and diving her way through it.

Pretty cool, right?

As of yet, there’s no American Ninja Warriors for Kids spinoff planned, but if there is, these videos should give Lylah a guaranteed spot in the competition, no questions asked. And if they’re looking for someone to help design a new course, maybe they could ask Lylah for a recommendation.

I heard she knows a guy.

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