Devoted Fans Are Getting Tattoos Of The Super Bowl's Most Famous Play. Welcome To Philadelphia.

Anyone can buy a team jersey. These fans are on a different level.

Fresh off their team’s first Super Bowl victory, devoted Eagles fans have been rushing to tattoo artists to memorialize the game’s defining play.

Called, appropriately enough, the “Philly Special,” the trick play has already become a prominent piece of the Eagle’s newly minted Super Bowl lore. The play, which New England Tom Brady had earlier attempted (unsuccessfully), sent quarterback Nick Foles running downfield to catch a pass thrown by a sprinting wide receiver, resulting in a very memorable Philly touchdown.

In the days following the game, the play was the subject of speculation as to whether the quarterback himself suggested the play to his coach, as would appear to be the case in this clip, though the context of this exchange leaves things murky at best:

Regardless of who called the play, the fanfare surrounding Philly Special has been defining and compelling enough that Eagles fans have been quick to memorialize the play’s X’s and O’s as skin art.

Philadelphia is a city that takes its football seriously. After waiting their entire lives for a championship, it only makes sense for fans to spend their remaining years on earth celebrating it.

Sure, these freshly tatted fans might be a joke to plenty of people online, but to fellow Eagles fans, they are awesome.