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Eagles Player Says 'No Convo Needed' About Trump

In a Twitter exchange with a former Trump adviser, Long states a strong case.

Chris Long #56 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates with Corey Graham #24 after defeating the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Image via Patrick Smith/Getty Images.

Eagles defensive end Chris Long made it clear well before the team’s Super Bowl win that he had no interest in visiting the White House. While those statements may have read as presumptuous in the days leading up to the contest, the Eagles are now the 2018 NFL champions, and the team will likely have the opportunity to visit the Trump White House. Although Donald Trump was quick to rescind an invitation to the Golden State Warriors following their victory, White House visits for championship teams are — or at least have been — a tradition for decades.

With the opportunity at hand, the outspoken and socially progressive Long got into a heated but civil Twitter exchange over the matter with former Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn. Long responded to Epshteyn’s proclamation that a player at odds with the Trump administration should welcome the opportunity to visit and effect change.

Long wasn’t buying it.

Long was quick to shut down Epshteyn’s (painfully) ideological and impractical stance with Trump’s now infamous characterization of white supremacists as “fine people.”

Epshteyn remained steadfast in his logic that maybe a trip to the White House would provide more clarity on Trump’s remarks. Long was quick to say he has all the clarity he needs on the matter.

Long is not alone in voicing an objection to a White House visit. Malcolm Jenkins and Torrey Smith have both asserted they have no interest in meeting Trump either. Smith took too CNN explain his decision.

As we saw with the case of the Golden State Warriors, comments like these may cause the notoriously sensitive Trump to refuse to extend an invitation, but if he goes through with one, it’s looking like there won't be a packed house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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