A 5-Year-Old Misses His Own Awesome Golf Shot Because He Was Too Short To See It

His dad eagerly tells him what he just accomplished, then sees the boy’s amazing reaction.

At just 5 years old, golf prodigy Isaac Riches was likely only able to see the top of the pin when he lined up for this shot. Consequently, he wasn’t able to witness firsthand his chip shot roll into the hole.

After taking two impressive practice cuts, the junior golfer lined up and knocked a wedge shot that rolled right into the hole, yet remained painfully unaware of his success. It wasn’t until he walked back to his dad, Damien, who was tall enough to watch the ball find the hole, that he learned his shot fell.

“Oh my goodness, you have no idea what just happened, do you?” his dad asked, obviously eager to break the good news to his oblivious son.

That’s when the celebration began.

It’s a shame that Isaac wasn’t able to witness his own athletic feat, but the youngster’s pedigree and promise thus far suggest that there will be plenty of more golf shots to celebrate — once he’s tall enough to see them.

I mean, come on: