LeBron James Made A Powerful Statement With His Shoes On The NBA’s Opening Night

The increasingly political basketball icon didn’t shy away from the opportunity to speak up.

Though he’s always maintained the level of diplomacy one might expect from an iconic sports figure in the United States, recently LeBron James has taken a more direct approach to his criticisms. Most notably, this new approach manifested in a tweet calling Donald Trump a “bum” when the president disinvited the Golden State Warriors to the White House.

With the controversy surrounding the NFL’s national anthem protests at the doorstep of the NBA, LeBron James used the first game of the season to show off a pair of his signature Nikes with a very simple message.

NBA players are expressly forbidden from sitting or kneeling during the national anthem, so the opportunity to vocalize frustration or criticism must manifest itself differently in the socially progressive league.

As LeBron and the Cavaliers stood for the national anthem, as is their obligation, they linked arms in a show of solidarity.

If the past is any indication, LeBron will continue to make his voice known throughout the season, both with his messages off the court and his on-court attire when he knows the world is watching.