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The Little League World Series Will Provide Glasses So Fans Can Watch The Solar Eclipse

Spectators will get to see more than just great baseball at this tournament.

Fans attending the Little League World Series later this month will be in for an additional spectacle. Midway through the tourney, on Aug. 21, fans present between 1:14 and 3:56 p.m. will also have front-row seats to a partial solar eclipse.

The Williamsport, Pennsylvania, site of the sporting event isn’t located in an area privy to a total eclipse, but nonetheless, Little League officials have announced fans in attendance during the eclipse will be provided glasses to safely witness the astronomical marvel. WIth the glasses, fans in that area will witness a 75-80% eclipse as the moon passes between the sun and Earth.

PennLive reported on the specifics of the announcement, specifying that the glasses will be AAO-approved amid concerns of fake and potentially harmful glasses flooding the market during this period of high demand. 30,000 glasses will be made available to attendees, who numbered 23,211 in 2016 and 42,218 in 2015. Players will be given glasses, but won’t be allowed to wear them on the field.

While fans will be equipped with the necessary eyewear to view the eclipse, those in attendance will still have a decision to make as to whether they’re going to focus their attention on the eclipse or the ballplayers. Because the duration of the eclipse is more than two hours, any games still underway at the commencement of the eclipse will continue under the park lights. Following the eclipse, the lights will be turned off and play will continue.

It sounds like the right steps have been taken to ensure that a lot of people will be able to witness this rare occurrence. Let’s just hope it’s not cloudy that day.

If you’re not fortunate to have a group providing you with the appropriate eyewear to watch the eclipse, refer to the AAO for both eclipse-watching protocols and a list of approved safety glasses.

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