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Two Korean Basketball Teams Bust Out A Truly Awesome Mannequin Challenge...Mid-Game

This is impressive enough to bring the fad back from the dead for a day or two

It’s been a few months since anyone has really discussed or thought about the short-lived mannequin challenge videos, but over in South Korea they’re still finding some pretty inspired applications for the gimmick. So while you might roll your eyes at your co-workers busting it out in 2017, you’ll probably be glad that it’s still kicking in Asia, because this recent performance by two basketball teams is just terrific.

The Korean Basketball League, like virtually every other sports league on the globe, has an All-Star Game. And just like every other All-Star Game, it mostly involves the players goofing around not really trying.

In the NBA, that normally results in a final score of about 173-154 in a game that features no defense. In Korea, the goofing around leverages an element of choreographed showmanship:

I don’t know what the status of the mannequin challenge is in Korea, but after watching that borderline shocking video, I like to think that no one over there had ever seen or heard of it, leaving an entire arena of people wondering if they were simultaneously suffering strokes. Extra points for including the bench players and coaches in this wonderful nonsense.

After the stunt ended, the teams quickly resumed standard All-Star Game play, immediately turning the ball over twice in a span of about four seconds.

Nice work, Korean Basketball League All-Stars!

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