College students do some pretty amazing things with the time they have on their hands. They plot elaborate pranks, cram six naps into a day, or, in the case of a one internet-famous Maryland student, hone their musical chairs skills to the point that they have no rival.

Though this game of musical chairs served as a mere exhibition to entertain a Terrapins basketball crowd, it was clear that this competitive student showed up to win. In the tradition of MMA grapplers, she finds her advantage once her opponent is put on the floor. From that point forward, it’s less a matter of moving her competition and more a function of ripping the chair out from underneath the hapless also-ran.

Of course, this is a risky strategy when the adrenaline is pumping and the seat in question is a folding chair, ready to snap a player’s fingers without any notice whatsoever. Fortunately, despite a winded victor and a runner-up lying prone on the ground, the players were no worse for wear.

Still, this video will certainly establish the champion as a young woman who’s not to be trifled with when she says you’re sitting in her seat.