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Surreal Pics Show Snow-Filled Yankee Stadium In No Shape For Opening Day

It’s a safe bet that any ball hit into play would be buried under snow for good.

Baseball’s opening day has long served as an indicator for many Americans that, yup, spring has sprung. However, one look at the state of Yankee Stadium serves as shocking reminder that it may not be all chirping birds and blooming flowers just yet.

Though the Major League’s official opening day was on March 29, the Yankees’ first home game wasn’t slated until April 2 at Yankee Stadium. However, photos of the stadium in the prelude to the home opener revealed that playing a game the following day would be an impossibility.

Why? Because the ballpark was inundated with snow. On the field, on the seats… everywhere.

It warrants mentioning that the March 29 Opening Day is the earliest in the sport’s history, but given the scene at Yankee Stadium, the league may be shifting back to a later date in future seasons.

The matchup between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays was rescheduled, perhaps optimistically, for 4 p.m. the following day.


While many fans would certainly relish the opportunity watch the teams duke it out in such wintery conditions, a quick fix isn’t available. While football, a fall and winter sport, may have the equipment and experience in turning such a whiteout into a memorable event, baseball teams lack much of the same infrastructure to ensure the safety of fans and players.

Perhaps the postponement was made with the batters and fielders in mind in another sense, as trying to make out a white ball against a snowy backdrop would likely create havoc during play.

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