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Brave Veterinarian Locks Himself in a Hot Car to Save Dogs

Dr. Ernie Ward demonstrates what happens to your pet on a warm day

What does it really feel like to be a dog trapped in a hot car? Brave veterinarian, Dr. Ernie Ward, sat in a parked car for thirty minutes with a large thermometer to demonstrate what happens to your pet on a warm day (spoiler alert: your car becomes a metal oven). Later, Dr. Ward has some stern words for people that choose to leave their pets alone in a car on a warm day... even for a few minutes.

What to do if you find a dog in a hot car:

- Frantic scratching at the window, distressed sounds, heavy panting, glazed eyes, a deep red or purple tongue, excessive drooling and vomiting are all signs of a dog in serious danger.

- If you see a dog or other animal left alone and in distress in a hot vehicle, call 911 or animal control immediately. Remain with the pet and vehicle until help arrives.

- If you’re in a public parking lot, write down the make, model and license plate number of the vehicle. Notify the business and management can make a loudspeaker announcement to locate the car’s owner.

- If the situation is dire, you may need to break a window. Before breaking, find a witness to corroborate your story then smash the window. Make sure the dog is safe from the broken glass.

- Once removed from the car, take dog to a cool area indoors and place wet towels on its groin, leg-pit, and back of the neck. See if the dog is able to drink water.

- Call a veterinarian immediately.

Tips provided by One Green Planet

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