Texas Sportscaster Slams Racist Students In Refreshingly Honest Speech

Dal Hansen delivers an eloquent response to some kids who held up a “white power” sign at a highschool basketball game.

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After local students held up incredibly racist signs at a basketball game in Dallas this week, WFAA-sportscaster Dale Hanson took to the air to blast the Farmers Branch teens and community for the behavior. His eloquent speech is currently going viral, based in part by his admission that he himself used to be just as racially insensitive as they are. You can watch the segment below, and be sure to stay tuned for the whole thing. He delivers so many great lines, but this one might be our favorite: “They will change. I did a long time ago, they can too. But not if we try to defend what you cannot defend. And not if we stay silent and think taking their signs away is doing enough.”

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