Man transforms bus stop into ‘first class’ experience

Man transforms bus stop into ‘first class’ experience


Riding the bus isn’t exactly a glamourous endeavor, but often a necessary one for those in need of public transportation.

So to make the experience a little more enjoyable for commuters, design student George Barratt-Jones decided to turn one bus stop into a “first class” experience.

“We all know it, taking the bus isn't the most fun thing to do. So why can't it be more luxurious and fun? Why can't the start of the day be more fun?” he wrote about his project.

Barratt-Jones set up a bar-top with stools, played “café music in the background” and served people “coffee, tea, and homemade cookies” all while wearing a dress shirt and bowtie.

“People can come to have a chat. Get to know the people in their neighborhood,” he wrote. “This project was all about creating more fun. Making people 10 percent happier.”