Wendy's Is In A Sign Fight With An Iced Tea Company In Texas

The fast-food giant can’t stop throwing shade

via Flickr user (cc) Phil Pidduck

With 8.5 billion in annual sales, Wendy’s may be the fifth most popular fast food restaurant in America, but it’s winning the Twitter wars. The burger joint famous for its square patties, notoriously threw shade at McDonald’s a few months back.

Wendy’s Twitter account also has no problem throwing that same shade at its customers as well.

Last month, the Pure Water Ice & Tea Company in Lubbock, Texas, tried to give the its neighbor, Wendy’s, a taste of its own medicine by calling the restaurant out for the shape of its burgers.

And Wendy’s didn’t back down, it got chest to chest with Pure Water Ice & Tea Company.

And, just like that, the beef was on.

Wendy’s had no problem going after Pure Water Ice & Tea Company’s strong point.

It was greeted with a strong warning.

But Wendy’s was undeterred by the threat of being wrecked.

Mic drop.