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17 Signs Our World Is Already Changing for the Better

by Katie Wudel Dana Lo

September 24, 2015
Launch Infographic

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals is an audacious to-do list for the world: In 15 years, the U.N. wants everyone on earth to work together to eradicate poverty, stop climate change, and undo inequality and injustice. Though solving the planet’s biggest problems in less than a generation may sound a tad ambitious, the fact is that positive change is already underway. In this infographic, we take a look at 17 ways that the U.N.’s goals are already being accomplished—right now, every day, around the world. Because when you change where you are, you’re taking the first necessary steps to changing the entire planet.

This fall, the United Nations is preparing to launch its 17 Sustainable Development Goals—an extraordinary action plan to solve the world’s biggest problems by 2030. Over the coming months, we’ll be connecting with The Local Globalists: 17 nonprofit founders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators who are working every day, wherever they are, to turn one of the U.N.’s #globalgoals into reality. 

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17 Signs Our World Is Already Changing for the Better