The GOOD 100: Cola Life The GOOD 100: Cola Life
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The GOOD 100: Cola Life

October 18, 2009
There aren't too many places in the world where you can't buy a Coke, and that includes some of the remotest parts of developing countries. Coincidentally, that's often where aid organizations have the hardest time delivering medicine and other supplies. That's why ColaLife is lobbying the international beverage behemoth to open up its distribution channels for some constructive piggybacking. The nonprofit is working on a wedge-shaped package that can deliver goods in the space between the bottlenecks in a full crate of Coca-Cola, and in partnership with another NGO, it has already performed a successful test of the idea in Tanzania. In its quest for global beverage dominance, Coca-Cola may have inadvertently built the best tool for international aid. You can't beat that.
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The GOOD 100: Cola Life