The GOOD 100: Intuit Green Snapshot The GOOD 100: Intuit Green Snapshot
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The GOOD 100: Intuit Green Snapshot

October 15, 2009
In theory, small businesses would love to reduce their carbon footprints. In practice, the idea of paying a consultant to figure out how to make that happen is laughable. But Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks-a popular accounting tool for small businesses-offers a simple, actionable solution. Its Green Snapshot is a free application that analyzes the data a company enters into QuickBooks, and suggests all sorts of ways to cut costs and carbon. It also produces reports detailing emissions across a variety of categories. The result is a too to make a positive impact on the environment, and on a business owner's bottom line. That's more than most consultants can brag about.
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The GOOD 100: Intuit Green Snapshot