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An Interactive Guide to Nutrition and the Human Body

January 8, 2015
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The GOOD Wellness Project

Join us on our mission to improve nutrition all over the world.

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We all need vitamins to maintain our well-being. But how do they really work? This Vitamin Atlas goes back to basics with illustrations and explanations that will help you understand the complex interactions that keep us healthy. Just as an everyday atlas can orient you to the roads, borders, and landmarks that constitute your external world, we hope this Vitamin Atlas can help you navigate your internal world.

The GOOD Wellness Project is an eight-month collaboration with Walgreens and Vitamin Angels, in support of the #100MillionReasons initiative to bring vital micronutrients to 100 million malnourished children across the globe by 2017. In order to gain clarity and raise awareness about health and well-being, we are diving into vitamins, alternative medicine, the effects of the environment on our body systems, and more, to provide a deeper understanding of what it looks like to live a healthy, well-balanced life. 

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An Interactive Guide to Nutrition and the Human Body