Artist Turns Surrendered Firearms into Gorgeous Sculptures

Who knew stripped down Mac-10s and pocket pistols could be so artfully arranged?

What happens to all those guns collected in city buyback programs? Earlier this month, one church on the South Side of Chicago raked in some 5,500 weapons, including a few large military grade machine guns. Generally, the policy is 'no questions asked' and in exchange for your firearm, you might receive a gift certificate to the local grocery chain. The guns are subsequently destroyed, returning them to scrap metal.

One California artist saw an opportunity in that scrap metal. Victor Hugo Zayas worked with the LAPD to obtain several batches of guns rendered impotent and reshaped them into some quite beautiful sculptures. "I'm most interested in the concept of transforming something so violent and something that can hurt you into something beautiful," says Zayas.

Images from website of Victor Hugo Zayas