GOOD Pictures: Caitlin Teal Price's Desolate Spaces

Overpasses, interchanges, harsh rays of light, and women are the subjects of Annabelle, Annabelle.

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Overpasses, interchanges, harsh rays of light, and women in desolate spaces make up Caitlin Teal Price's gorgeous and mesmerizing series Annabelle, Annabelle. I won't pretend I can sum it up any better than she did, so here is Caitlin's statement accompanying the series:

In Annabelle, Annabelle women stand transfixed in and among severe everyday landscapes, connected to the world by the objects surrounding them. Each frame is carefully constructed but what lies just beyond is uncertain, perhaps threatening and ultimately left for wonder. These women, with strength and wisdom in the depth of their age, stand boldly and carefully alone, and offer us the opportunity to create stories about life and death, power and vulnerability, magnificence and uncertainty.


Find more of Caitlin's thoughtful work on her website and her blog.