This Basketball Player Just Can’t Stop Falling Over After Losing Her Shoe During Play

If you ever doubted the importance of footwear on a basketball court...

It’s often said that certain people “just don’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’’.” Well, if Drury University’s Lexie Vaught didn’t know the meaning before, she certainly knew it by the end of this wildly entertaining clip.

After accidentally losing her shoe while guarding a player in the backcourt, she soldiered on.

And fell.

Then forged ahead.

And fell.

Then she regained her footing to pursue an airborne ball.

And fell.

While she only fell three times in this clip, it feels like she fell much more. Further, it’s unclear if she had learned her lesson after the third spill or if she was prepared to keep running around and falling over had play not paused following a Drury basket.

It’s clear from her tweet after the game that she would have done things a little differently in hindsight. (Her tweet has since been deleted or made private, but it lives on in text format.)


Her teammate, Heather Harman tried to educate her during the incident, but to no avail:

Ordinarily, I’d say 15 “laughing to point of tears” emojis in just three tweets is overkill, but given how funny Vaught’s struggle was, I think that number is merited.