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Red Sox Legend Curt Schilling Gets Schooled On Twitter By Afghan War Veteran

He compared his World Series ring to a Purple Heart, which is … something you shouldn’t do.

Former Major League pitcher Curt Schilling, known for playing through torn stitches to lead the Red Sox in their comeback against the Yankees, has worn a number of hats since his playing days. His latest role can best be described as “conservative loudmouth.”

His Twitter rant against transgender bathroom rights cost him his job as a baseball analyst on ESPN, and now Schilling hosts a radio show on a Breitbart affiliate. But that hasn’t stopped him from spending his days scrapping with strangers on social media.

Jason Kander, an Afghan war veteran and CNN correspondent, posted a tweet about Donald Trump laying the blame for military failures on soldiers.

While the post wasn’t directed at Schilling, the pitcher took the opportunity to respond.

Schilling got called on for being way out of his depth, nevertheless, he persisted.

“Outside the wire” equates to time spent outside the relatively safe confines of a base. It’s also a phrase that Schilling uses to posture as a military man.

Most people would take pause right about here and presumably stand down. But not Schilling. His statements might not be supported by service, but they’re supported by … a two-week USO tour and a criticism of a soldier’s duties?


A tweet like that doesn’t require a response to be more resonant, but Jason Kander gave it one anyway.

That served as Kander’s last word on the matter, but the Twitter denizens were just getting started.

Schilling doubled down, as people like this often do.

Oh, no. Schilling finished there, but one more response summed up what most every witness to this conversation was thinking.

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