Dad uses awesome signs at NBA games to taunt son about his grades.


Call it a new parenting philosophy: A father is attending NBA games with a sign aimed at shaming his son’s bad grades. He first showed up at the in Charlotte at the Cavaliers-Hornets game on Friday, brandishing this high-quality and extremely succinct sign for his son:

USA Today

Despite the fact that this was a Charlotte home game, the Cavs logo possibly indicated that young Thomas may be a bigger fan of LeBron and company than of the Hornets.

Then on Sunday, Thomas’ dad popped up in Houston at the Rockets-Thunder game, a 137–125 barn burner that saw the Rockets get the edge on their Western Conference rival. He had a new sign and a new message for Thomas, this time with a Rockets logo:

Was Thomas scheduled to go on this mini-NBA tour with his dad, but got the ax due to bad grades? Or did dad book this solo road trip to show Thomas what he will be denied until he pulls up his GPA? We need a lot more backstory on this father and son case of bad grades.