Worthy Cause Countdown: Help This Girls Basketball Team Raise $276 For Basketballs

Please consider helping these students.

Each day from Dec. 14 through Dec. 25, GOOD Sports will feature a worthy school athletic program in need of funding.

Image via DeSoto County High School/

“Our girls are amazing athletes and superb young ladies. We want them to have pride in themselves, their team, and their community,” explains Jasmine Rudolph, coach of the girls basketball team at DeSoto County High School in Arcadia, Florida.

Due to financing restraints, Rudolph and the team have turned to to raise funds for the equipment necessary for running the program. Specifically, these ladies need basketballs and a rack to store them. At the time this story was posted, they were $276 short of their goal.

According to Rudolph:

“When you donate to this project, you will be supporting a group of outstanding student-athletes who consistently work hard. They are dedicated to the team's success and the development of our program.”

Please consider supporting this project or another school athletic program in need.