A Goose Attacked A High School Golfer, And The Pics Are Epic

Geese can get very protective of their nests, as these pics prove.

Golf may not be a sport rife with human confrontation, but the genteel nature of the game doesn’t apply to wild animals. A high school golfer from Concord High School near Blissfield, Michigan, learned that lesson as he was attacked by a Canada goose during a round of golf.

The victim, Isaac Couling, suffered the unlikely avian air raid while making his way through the front nine with the rest of his group. Golfers had spotted a goose nest and attempted to circumvent it, but the protective mother still sprung into action.

The unlikely instance was captured via three photos that show things going from bad to worse for the 16-year-old linksman. The pics are so perfect, in fact, that the photographer, Devon Pitts, enjoyed her own write-up by the PGA for scoring the action shots.

The Blissfield Athletics Twitter feed provided the backstory.

Asked why he didn’t hit the goose with his golf club, the Twitter account provided an explanation other than “because he’s not a monster.”

Couling survived the attack, managed to collect himself to finish the hole at par...

...and is doing about as good as a person can after going viral for being ravaged by a bird on a golf course.

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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