James Harden Dances Like No One’s Watching, Realizes Lots Of People Are, Continues Anyway

The NBA star has a history of doing this sort of thing.

James Harden is having an MVP-caliber season for the Houston Rockets, but it’s clear that his unmatched awareness on the court doesn’t travel so well when he steps off to the sidelines. The bearded NBA superstar was seated courtside during a pre-game shootaround when BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” started playing through the Toyota Center’s PA system.

Harden couldn’t help but bust out some incredibly bold and goofy dance moves, unaware that his act was caught on camera and projected on the arena’s jumbotron for all to see.

Once his blissful unawareness came to a screeching halt, he paused for a few beats, then got right back to dancing with a wide smile. It appears when you’re an international superstar, doubling down on these silly little moments comes easily.

If history’s any indication, Harden’s the type of guy to bust a move whenever and wherever the mood strikes, which appears to be — more often than not — on the sidelines before games.

Following his most recent dance number, Harden took to the court to tally up 38 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists in a win over the Wizards on April 3.