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Out Of Options, The Blackhawks Had To Play A 36-Year-Old Accountant As Their Goalie

He had to leave work early to suit up and play goalie for the Blackhawks.

In every sport, teams must balance their staffing needs with both roster and salary cap limitations.

For that reason, as you get further down the depth chart of backups, things tend to get a little … bizarre. Punters can become third string kickers, shortstops can become pitches, and, in hockey, when two NHL players are out of the game, accountants can become goalies.

Such was the case on March 29 when the Blackhawks, having lost their regular starting goalie (Anton Forsberg) to concussion symptoms, his backup (Corey Crawford) to an injury earlier that day in practice, and the second backup (Collin Delia) to a mid-game injury in the third period as the Blackhawks led the Winnipeg Jets 6-2.

Having two goalies scratched before game time, the Blackhawks called up a third backup, Scott Foster, who isn’t really a hockey player at all these days, for the night’s game. As Deadspin points out, you’re more likely to find Foster touting his financial services — accounting and reporting! — on LinkedIn than you are on any sports site. The 36-year-old has a strong hockey pedigree, but one that seemed to end in 2006 when he wrapped up his playing days at Western Michigan.

In the waning moments of the match, Foster was sitting pretty, even for an accountant with 10 years of rust on his hockey skates. He blocked all of the seven shots that came his way, maintaining the lead and giving Chicago the win in more than competent fashion.

Here are his thoughts on the surreal experience:

Hopefully, he’ll be spared any further service this season, as we’re creeping up on tax time, an accountant’s busiest time of year.

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