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After Being Shot In The Head Twice, Former Rams Receiver Stedman Bailey Is Ready To Return To The NFL

“Doctors say I can play.”

The 2017 NFL season has seen its share of great comebacks. Rams quarterback Jared Goff has been incredible under center after a shaky rookie season left his career in doubt. Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is having a more-than-1,000-yard season after playing only nine games last year because of injury.

But 2018 may be poised to see one of the most heroic comebacks in the league’s history.

Former Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey says he’s been cleared by doctors to play for the NFL after recovering from being shot in the head twice. “Doctors say I can play,” Bailey told DubVNation. “But it’ll be up to teams to clear me, which I’ll be looking at this offseason.”

Bailey was shot while sitting in a car with three friends in Miami, Florida, in November 2015. Around 30 bullets ripped through the car in a shooting believed to be a case of mistaken identity.

Image (cropped) by Shea Huening/Flickr.

Although the shots fractured his skull and didn’t harm any brain tissue, Bailey’s doctors had told him that while he might regain his ability to walk, his days in the NFL were over. But Bailey’s goal was different. He soon regained his ability to walk and then jog, and eventually, he began working out with Steelers receiver Antonio Brown and Giants quarterback Geno Smith during the last offseason.


Over the summer, Bailey had the metal pieces in his skull replaced with a large barrier of titanium for extra protection. He is now a free agent and looks to sign with an NFL team for the 2018 season.

“I’ll be looking for teams to bring me in for workouts so they can see me move personally,” Bailey told DubVNation. “From there I know I’ll be good. Steddy ambition baby!”

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