This Beautiful Behind-The-Back Home Run Is As Effortless As It Is Unexpected

What are the odds?

If you always thought of softball as inferior to baseball players, you’ll want to see what Renaud Lefort of the Montreal softball team Les 4 Chevaliers is capable of.

The team claims to play in the “style of the Harlem Globetrotters,” which may seem a bit incongruous with the situational nature of softball…until you watch this video.

If you’re wondering what a Harlem Globetrotters-type approach to softball looks like, here it is – a behind-the-back home run, hit like it’s no big thing at all.

Now the comparison becomes a little more clear, doesn’t it? But there’s just one difference, whereas the Globetrotters had the Washington Generals, a hapless team of patsies intended to lose, Les 4 Chevaliers plays real teams who are actually trying to win. The opposing pitcher wasn’t in on the gag for this one.

Once you lift your jaw and re-watch the clip, you’ll see how this actually went down. Lefort actually was batting with aright-handed in the right-side batter’s box, usually reserved for left-handed batters.

That means that his back was facing both the plate and the pitch flying over it, requiring that BIG behind-the-back rotation to make contact.

Perhaps that giant wind-up with the bat is his secret to getting some distance on the ball. Still, I don’t think we’ll see many pros adopting this mind-bending strategy anytime soon.