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Steph Curry Consoles Devin Harris’ Grieving Nephew Before Mavericks-Warriors Game

The child was Mavericks’ player Devin Harris’ nephew.

When the Golden State Warriors visited Dallas to play the Mavericks on Oct. 24, 2017, Warriors star Steph Curry was nowhere to be seen during the pregame shoot-around. But video footage captured near the locker room showed him consoling Mavericks guard Devin Harris’ 9-year-old nephew before the game.

After embracing the boy and sharing some heartfelt words, Curry left for the locker room.


Last week, Harris’ brother was killed in an auto accident, and to help take his nephew’s mind off the tragedy, he invited him to come to the game.

“I lost my brother tragically and it’s been a tough week,” Harris told reporters in the Dallas locker room with his nephew at his side. “The family is taking it pretty hard, as you would expect them to. Probably the toughest thing I’ve had to deal with, dealing with myself, trying to explain it to his kids, my kids — it’s just been tough.”

The meeting between Curry and the boy was set up by Curry’s brother, Seth, a guard for the Mavericks. The boy is a big fan of Curry’s, and Seth knew that meeting him would uplift his spirits. After the Warriors won the game 133-103, Curry spoke with reporters about the tender moment he shared with the boy.

“At that age, I can’t image what he’s going through,” Curry said. “But best thing I can say is just to lean on his family to give him the strength to get through this tough time.”


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