Student Surprises Caring Teacher With The Sneakers He’s Wanted Since Childhood

He thought it was going to be a prank

Teachers and school staff are always giving so much to their students that when the tables are turned, and a student show their appreciation, it can be a very moving experience for everyone involved.

At Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas, Hector Montez crafted a plan to honor and thank his teacher and football coach, Thomas Walser, with the perfect gift. And after months of planning, he was able to do it.

Walser serves as both the defensive coordinator for Hector’s football team and an AVID instructor, who seeks to create bonds between teachers and students in the school.

And judging by Hector’s enormous display of appreciation, Walser was very successful in that last area.

Hector walked into class carrying a black box and gave a heartfelt speech about what the Walser’s presence and effort had meant to him. Walser half-expected the box to be some sort of prank or even a live animal, but when he opened it up…

...that happened. Hector remembered hearing from Walser that the teacher had his eye on the shoes when they came out over a decade ago. Using some sneaky lines of questioning, Hector got his teacher and coach to divulge his shoe size. After that, it was just a matter of pulling the trigger on the purchase and finding the right time to present the gift to Walser.

The teacher was so moved (and thrilled) by the gesture that he took a snapshot of the kicks and posted them to his Twitter account:

And as you can see, other kids in the class seemed to be as thrilled with the gift as the coach himself was!

Once more for good measure, let’s get a snap of Walser showing off his dream shoes to his class.

They look pretty sharp, don’t they? It certainly sounds like he was due for them.


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