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A WNBA Player's Wedding Featured A Cake As Tall As The 6'5" Athlete Herself

Donne and her partner were the first same-sex couple to be treated to The Knot’s annual Dream Wedding treatment.

WNBA star Elena Delle Donne is a well-known quantity in the sports world, having not only earned MVP and Rookie of the Year honors but also serving as the league’s four-time scoring champ in 2015. Now, after photos of her marriage to partner Amanda Clifton on Nov. 3, she’s standing out for having had one hell of a wedding.

Thanks to Donne’s notoriety in the sports world, the couple’s relationship has been well-publicized, with news of their engagement — as well as Donne’s coming out — first announced in no less than Vogue magazine last year.

Donne and Clifton were selected by wedding website The Knot as this year’s recipients of the site’s annual Dream Wedding, in which the publication plans and pays for a lucky couple’s wedding according to their wishes and tastes. The two were the first same-sex couple to receive the Dream Wedding treatment from The Knot, and the pics from the New York bash, well, they speak for themselves.

The only aspect of the wedding that may have taken any attention away from the betrothed was a towering white cake which may or may not have eclipsed Donne’s towering 6’5” frame. One report claims the cake came in an inch shy at 6’4” whereas People Magazine’s take has the cake listed at 6’5”. Either way, it’s a very tall cake.

In lieu of creating a gift registry, the couple asked that guests donate to the Elena Delle Donne Foundation, which serves to provide assistance to those with special needs and those who have Lyme disease. Both causes are close to the superstar’s heart: Donne was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2008, and her sister, Lizzie, was born deaf and blind.

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