Sometimes This Planet Makes You Say “Fuck Yeah”

Because not everything sucks.

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Fuck Yeah Humanity (FYH), a GOOD original series, curates the finest in innovation, achievement, news, and nature.

In this week’s special Earth Day episode, we highlight the discovery of a new species of frog that looks like Kermit and an underwater encounter with a rare, curious sperm whale. Meanwhile, the Swiss have developed a sponge that could help combat oil spills like the Deepwater Horizon (although hopefully it won’t be needed for anything like that). The story that really made us say “fuck yeah” on Earth Day was this guy in the Netherlands who decided to fill one bag of trash a day with litter from a particularly nasty waterfront he passes on his way to work. He followed through on a simple plan of action, and the progress is incredible to see.

This Earth Day, take a moment to appreciate the fact that we have this beautiful planet filled with remarkable creatures and awesome people doing amazing things. And maybe pick up a piece of trash while you’re at it.

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