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11-year-old saves money to give to her mom on her birthday along with a hilariously adorable note

The 11-year-old girl made the cutest request to her mom in her birthday note.

11-year-old saves money to give to her mom on her birthday along with a hilariously adorable note
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Grabowska

Birthday gifts are always special, especially when they come from unexpected sources. One Reddit user received a thoughtful and heartwarming gift from her 11-year-old daughter, touching her deeply. The mom shared her special gift on Reddit, where it was met with overwhelming admiration and love. The mom uploaded a photo of a couple of Canadian dollar bills along with two notes from her daughter. One note read, "Love you mama cutie! From Ivanya." Another note told the mom that she was supposed to spend the money. The daughter requested her mom not to save it. The mom captioned the post, "Celebrated my birthday this money envelope from my 11-year-old with this message ..she knows I am frugal, laughing out loud." 

The mom replied to one of the comments by @808zAndThunder that said, "You’re doing an amazing job as a mom OP. Maybe use the money to get some ice cream with her." She wrote, "Thank you. Means a lot ...She is my best friend. She turned 11 on Feb 25 and got a bit of cash from family and friends...I was so touched that she took some of it and gave it to me today for my birthday...Oh, my heart." It's truly special when a child sets aside their gift money to make their mom's birthday extra special. It also shows how observant the girl is, knowing her mom might save the money instead of enjoying herself. Everyone agreed on one thing: the daughter is an absolute sweetheart. 

People also wished the mom for her special day alongside praising the daughter. In a follow-up comment, the mom wrote, " Thank you so much, everyone ..your comments and thoughts made my day even more special …I am taking her to the Kung Fu Panda show today with premiere seats." A truly special return gift for a thoughtful girl. Some people also found the daughter's additional request of not saving the money hilarious. As one person pointed out the sentence, another person @Mc_Whiskey replied to them and wrote, "I love that, I remember getting money as a kid and my parents saying things like that's going in your college fund. I just wanted to buy candy and Hot Wheels cars." 

People also took to the comments to say that the mom was raising her daughter the right way. People also shared their own stories in the comments. A user @Cute-Cheesecake-8602 wrote, "When I was 21 I left home and started working. Every time I called my mom she was complaining about how tough her financial situation was. So I sent her 500 euros to cheer her up. When I came back home a year later, she showed me that she still had it in a leather wallet inside the closet." The mom replied to the comment and wrote, "Oh my god! I can so relate to it...I told my mom that I was never going to spend this money. Will keep the note and the money as is ... anyway taking her to Kung Fu Panda tonight with some dope premiere seats :) You are a good kid and your mom must have felt so proud and happy that you did that for her." The mom also shared that her daughter made the card herself and is quite creative. Her daughter truly made her mom's birthday special.

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