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  • Green Apple After ranking 11th on Greenpeace's "Guide to Greener Electronics," activists are taking aim at Apple. They recently lit the iconic 5th Ave store...
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  • Philanthropy Preferred Over Philandering, Survey Says It's already been a big year for the big O. Oprah Winfrey's school for girls opened Tuesday in Henley-on-Klip, Meyerton, near Johannesburg, South Africa. The opening ceremony (more Hollywood and Motown than Pomp and Circumstance) marks the culmination of a promise made six years ago by Oprah to Nelson..
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  • African War You may have missed it if you blinked, but last week there was war between Ethiopia and the Islamists who briefly controlled Somalia. The war is over, for now. Funny how an American supported war in Africa can just fly by under the radar, huh?.
  • Wal-Mart Goes Green You can destroy the environment on your own time, but you are sure as hell not going to use Wal-Mart as an excuse. The store is pushing CFLs hard, even at the protest of CFL suppliers who said they were doing too much, too fast..
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  • New Year's Optimism Read more ›
    New Year's Optimism
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