• Microlending Microlending is all the rage, especially since microlending pioneer Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Today, Slate examines various microlending websites to see which one is best. Kiva, who we profiled in our first issue, ranks as the best..
  • Project 003: Newspaper 2.0 The ASSIGNMENT Draw on or otherwise alter the front page of a newspaper. The SOURCE MATERIAL Your local...
    Issue 003
  • Professor Hip Hop Down south, in that hot bastion of tropical vastness known as Brazil, the Ministry of Culture is hoping to inspire young people through the proliferation of hip hop. Wamp, wamp.This effort comes straight from the head of the Brazillian pop star Gilberto Gil, 64, who spoke at SXSW today. A podcast of..
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  • Mad Bracketology Read more ›
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  • Pretty Papers The Society For News Design has released their annual list of the best designed newspapers in the world. None are American, or in English, but they look cool. Guess the New York TImes is a little stodgy, huh?Speaking of newspapers, check out our latest project, in which you use a newspaper as your canvas,..
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