• Energy Monitors More good news for England, where the money is worth twice as much as ours. Soon, British residents will be able to get, free of charge, meters for their home that specify exactly how much energy they are using. So, should you be using too much, you can quickly unplug your refrigerator..
    The Planet
  • Missing In The Tubes You may have heard about all the missing (read: deleted) emails from the White House. There are internet gurus working overtime for the Senate trying to get them back. But, who needs internet gurus when you have Senator Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevenson. He can find them!.
    Missing In The Tubes
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  • Please Excuse Our Absence Please excuse our absence. Today it seemed somehow inappropriate to be making semi-witty comments about somewhat interesting news stories..
    Please Excuse Our Absence
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  • CEO Pay CEOs make a shit ton of money. Average workers do not. You knew this. Did you know how insane the disparity was? If the minimum wage was tied to CEO pay, it would be 22.61 an hour. Not too shabby..
  • Al-Jazeera English: The Image Problem
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