• Soviet Propaganda DVD Set A DVD set is being released that contains four-discs worth of anti-capitalism Soviet propaganda. All your favorites are in there, including:"Black and White," produced in 1933, depicted a highway with an endless row of blacks lynched on telephone poles. "The Millionaire," made in 1963, told the story..
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  • Happy Anniversary Colin!
  • The Week In GOOD We found out about so many fun things this week:Body Integrity Identity Disorder, Google Bombs, The $100 Laptop, January 30th,, and even blenders. How exciting..
    The Week In GOOD
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  • Al's Army Last August, Al Gore began training an army of minions to go out and do his climate change slide show for him, further proselytizing the masses to the gospel of climate change. Now, those trainees have been let loose. You never know where you might find one. One might be sitting next to you... right..
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  • Cartoon Terrorists Read more ›
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  • And So It Begins... Eat up your YouTube videos while you have a chance, kiddies. Viacom demanded Google pull 100,000 unauthorized clips from YouTube. This could just be the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how much time you have left before all you can find online is crazy ramblings, and no worthwhile content. Get it while..
    And So It Begins...
  • Newsom's Folly Read more ›
  • Immigrant Superheroes Immigrants. Our true superheroes. Literally.Via Neatorama.
  • Branson's Bank Richard Branson, not receiving enough attention from his aviation, music sales, commercial space flight, and global warming initiatives, is going to build a stem cell bank. There is some sort of master plan here, but none of us will see it before it is too late..
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  • USDA Vs. FDA So you know how our government works: A pre-wrapped sandwich could be regulated by two different government agencies, depending on how it was constructed. Brilliant..
    USDA Vs. FDA
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  • Weird Wikis Here are the weirdest topics Wikipedia has to offer. Our early favorite is Acoustic Kitty, a failed CIA experiment that used cats for covert surveillance. Via Metafilter.
    Weird Wikis
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  • Peace Prize First an Oscar nom, and now the Peace Prize? We remember Al Gore back when he was underground, before he got all mainstream..
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