• Candidates And The Positions They Assume This (fairly) recent piece from The Times helps aggregate the war views of the myriad presidential candidates for 2008. Click and learn..
  • Hold The Bag San Francisco has approved a ban on plastic grocery bags in supermarkets. Well, actually you'll still be able to get plastic bags, just a more...
    The Planet
  • Kermit The Sad Frog Where has Kermit the Frog been all these years? A dark, dark place. Beware, Muppet swearing, drug use, and blow jobs to follow:.
    Kermit The Sad Frog
    GOOD Blog
  • Keep On Truckin' Read more ›
    GOOD Blog
  • Dog-sized Frog The picture says it all (something to the effect of ribbark). Via Boing Boing..
    The Planet
  • Chris Hondros Getty photographer Chris Hondros recently received the Robert Capa Gold Metal for the above photo, taken in Iraq shorly after an accidental...
    GOOD Blog
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