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  • Network This Are you bored of MySpace? Do you feel out of place on The Facebook? There are actually a host of social networking sites popping up these days,...
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  • GOOD Party In San Francisco Hey Folks! It's about time for another GOOD party. This one is in lovely San Francisco. It's on Friday, July 14th. Because how could we...
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  • Oil Can Oil is at a record high today. Over 75 dollars a barrel. Great news!.
  • The Week In GOOD Have a happy Independence Day. Be careful with fireworks. They are a dangerous toy. And take a minute to try to hold some truths to be self-evident, or whatever.Two big things happened this week.First, Warren Buffet gave away a shitload of money.And then we discovered, exactly how much of a shitload..
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  • The Whole Foods Dilemma Gristmill has the details of a heated exchange that has developed between food author Michael Pollan and Whole Foods founder John Mackey. The bottom line: does Whole Foods buy local? That question seems to have multiple answers..
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  • Some Cow This is a $100 hamburger. Just so you know that should you desire to spend your money that way, you have the option. You're also an asshole.Via Consumerist.
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  • Viral Video: Not So Easy Two Entertainment Weekly reporters tried to create a successful viral video. It's like people who look at modern art and say that they could be a famous painter because "anyone could do it." But, turns out, making good viral videos is actually pretty hard. Then again, it might be easier to get..
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  • Pitchfork On YouTube Have you heard about this new website called YouTube. It's crazy. TV. But on the internet. Today, in YouTube news, Pitchfork assembles a list of the 100 best music videos you can find on YouTube. One would imagine that, in classic Pitchfork fashion, you haven't heard of most of them. They'll be..
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