• Anonymous Sources Ever since the New York Times had some "issues" with using anonymous sources, they've been much more careful about granting anonymity, and for explaining their reasons for doing so. A helpful Lexis Nexis search boils down the different reasons people have requested anonymity. They run the gamut..
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  • House Moves On 527's On Wednesday the House voted to crack down on the infamous "527 groups" that received so much attention during the 2004 presidential campaign. The Republican-backed bill seeks to limit the maximum amount an individual can donate to groups such as MoveOn.org or Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, essentially..
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  • Get Felt On The Felt These cool handbags are made from industrial felt (sturdy, yet soft and cuddly). They lie flat when unzipped, but can quickly form into a nifty bag when zipped up. They look nice. Go buy them.Via Josh Spear.
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  • Tipping Points Galore Here are some interesting thoughts on whether sustainable practices in business have reached some sort of watershed moment. The author, Gil Friend, cites several examples and argues that there are more sustainable decisions being made by big business than ever before. Whether this means that big business..
  • Haute Green It's design week in New York, and an exciting highlight is going to be the Haute Green show, which will feature sustainable design for the home. It will be curated by the founder of Treehugger, among others. It's in Williamsburg from May 20-22. You can submit your designs now, if you spend a lot..
  • The Greenest Skyscraper Of Them All Bank of America is currently building an enormous new office building at One Bryant Park, in midtown Manhattan. Slated to be completed by 2008, the massive, shimmery tower will be the first skyscraper to receive a platinum LEED rating from the U.S Green Building Council. According to Popular Science,..
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  • Drive Nothing Day In Europe, sometimes they just decide that no one will drive in a city for that day. They're so carefree and cosmopolitan over there. The organizers of these "car-free" days want to raise awareness of how much better cities are without millions of cars driving through them. Unsurprisingly, organizing..
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  • 10,000 Sustainable Homes The UK recently announced plans to build a "sustainable"? town outside Cambridge. There will be 10,000 homes that meet the energy standards, built in the cozy-looking deserted barracks pictured above. Though, at no point does anyone quoted in the article give any examples of how this is going to be..
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