Infographic: The IT Landscape Infographic: The IT Landscape
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Infographic: The IT Landscape

by GOOD Partner

December 1, 2012
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In the digital age, having a strong informational technology team is a necessity for companies. Whether businesses need to network employees' computers or troubleshoot hardware malfunctions, it's the IT team that keeps technology operating smoothly. IT jobs can be found in nearly every sector and can serve many functions, from developing mobile applications in the health care industry to offering help-desk technical support. So it should be no surprise that jobs in the IT field are expected to grow by 2020.

GOOD, in partnership with Apollo Group, has created a program to address the skills gap head on. Coding for GOOD is an effort to bridge the skills gap through real world application. The program will provide an opportunity to learn coding through free courses, culminating with one individual gaining a job at GOOD. Go here to read more about the program and start learning to code.

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Infographic: The IT Landscape