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Man asks injured woman to pretend to be his mom to help her board the plane first in sweet act of kindness

Cindy recently fell and couldn't carry her bag. That's when Michael stepped in to help.

Man asks injured woman to pretend to be his mom to help her board the plane first in sweet act of kindness
Cover Image Source: CBS News

A random gesture of kindness towards a complete stranger is winning hearts on the internet. This incident took place in Atlanta, Georgia, at Terminal C in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world's busiest airport. A woman named Cindy Tutko needed to get to Terminal F for her next flight. She was returning from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after visiting her son, Jamie, and his family. Her son Jamie told CBS News that Cindy had fallen earlier that day and her knee was hurt a lot. She was also carring a large bag that was too much for her to hold. On top of all this, trains were down for service and she needed to reach the gate on time. That's when Michael Wright, a total stranger to her, jumped in to help her.



Cindy was walking with a slight limp, so Michael offered his hand for help. Initially, Cindy declined. But Michael wouldn't take "no" for an answer. He grabbed her bag and asked her to join him. "At first I thought, okay, um, what if this guy steals my bag and he is gonna take off? I'm like, I'm doomed. I can't run after him," Cindy said according to CBS News. "Within seconds really, I realized he was genuinely being nice. He was just a nice guy. He was helping me out." Michael, from LaFayette, walked alongside Cindy for nearly an hour, passing through all the terminals till they reached F. Then he asked her to act like she was his mom, so he could ensure that she boarded the plane on time, “And we walk up to the gate and he tells the guys at the gate, he says, 'This is my mother. And she's got some issues with her knee. And is there any way that she can get on the plane before everybody else? 'Cause she walks very slowly.' And the guy was like, 'Sure, no problem,'" Cindy described. Later on, while Cindy was communicating with her son Jamie, she told him all about what Michael did to help her at the airport. Jamie, in turn, posted this on his Twitter, and the story got famous. He wrote in the post, “Louisiana, need help finding this guy!”



It took some time but Jamie found out who and where Michael was. His fiancee texted him on Twitter saying, “Hey, I think that the Michael that you're looking for is my Michael.” And then she asked him, “Does your mom, did she have knee surgery or is she about to have knee surgery?” which confirmed Michael’s identity. He later posted a tweet thanking people for helping him find Michael.


While Michael described his act of kindness as just a part of being human, for Cindy, who serves the deaf community in Louisiana, he was an angel in disguise.

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