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Brock Turner Is Now The Textbook Definition Of The Word ‘Rape’

He was let off easy, and no one will forget it.

For those looking to become professionals in the world of criminal justice, the new face of rape is Brock Turner.

Last week, Washington State University freshman Hannah Kendall Shuman was finishing up homework for her Criminal Justice 101 class when she ran across a disturbing mugshot of Turner in her textbook, “Introduction to Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity, and Change 2nd Edition.”

Shuman posted a photo of the textbook on Facebook with the caption, “He may have been able to get out of prison time but in my Criminal Justice 101 textbook, Brock Turner is the definition of rape, so he’s got that goin for him.”

In 2016, Turner, then a 20-year-old Stanford University swimmer, was found guilty on three felony sexual assault counts after being caught raping an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity party in 2015. But, unbelievably, Turner was only sentenced to six months in prison and three years of probation — of which he served only three months. The decision has been widely criticized as being far too lenient and an obvious example white male privilege.

The textbook, written by Callie Marie Rennison and Mary J. Dodge, describes why Turner has earned the dubious distinction of being the face of rape. “Turner, a student at Stanford University, was caught in the act, and ultimately convicted of three felony charges: assault with intent to rape an intoxicated woman, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object, and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object,” the textbook reads. “Turner’s victim was unconscious during the attack, as it happened behind a trash container outside of the Kappa Alpha fraternity house on campus.”

Although Turner’s sentence was lenient, he still lives with the consequences of his disgusting actions, and the “Introduction to Criminal Justice” photo is just one example. USA Swimming, the organization that manages most competitive swimming meets, announced that Turner would not be eligible for membership due to their no tolerance policy on sexual misconduct. And after returning home to Ohio to live with his parents, Turner registered as the highest level sex offender, and his neighbors will receive postcards announcing that he lives in their community.

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