We Dared You to Change the World. 37 Million of You Took Us Up on It.

Even one small act of good is a step forward. Thanks for going above and beyond. #100StartsWith1

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 100 days since we first teamed up with Sambazon to launch #100StartsWith. Over the course of the project, we invited some of our favorite creative change-makers to dream up tiny actions anybody could take to brighten up our days, our lives, and our communities. Then we challenged you to take action—and 37 million of you followed through.

So last week, on the project’s final day, we raised a glass to you and all the change you’ve helped us make at the Bustamante Gill art gallery in Los Angeles. Click through this slideshow for a few highlights from that evening and the other 99 days.

Though the project has ended, the opportunity to do good and influence your community lives on. We hope you’ll incorporate a little change-making into your everyday life—and if you do, that you’ll tell us about it with the hashtag #100StartsWith1.