4 Trailblazing, Social Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

Brought to you by Ketel One. See how these four entrepreneurs are making a difference in the social impact space.

This content is brought to you by GOOD with support from Ketel One

Ketel One and GQ magazine have teamed up for A Gentlemen's Call, a contest that will award $100,000 to one inspiring entrepreneur who has an idea for positive impact. To celebrate the power of one great idea, GOOD put together a slideshow of four enterprising big thinkers who have found unique and innovative ways to push for social change. Whether they're raising awareness or providing a platform for others to kickstart their own big ideas, these trailblazers are inspiration for anyone with a vision and a passion to implement it.

A Gentleman's Call was created to support ideas that raise society's behavior bar and exhibit the ideals of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, and philanthropy. Men and women are welcome to enter. Do you think you've also got what it takes to answer the call? Submit an idea here from now through July 29.

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