GOOD Holiday Gift Guide 2010 GOOD Holiday Gift Guide 2010
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GOOD Holiday Gift Guide 2010

by Dylan C. Lathrop

January 2, 2011
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We'll be the first to admit it: Holiday gift guides are not in short supply. But while they tend to tout next generation smartphones, cable-knit cashmere throws, or SUVs tied in big red bows, we often find ourselves missing any true meaningful exchange. So in putting together our very first ever GOOD Holiday Gift Guide, we sought out cool stuff to be sure, but we turned to a handpicked list of GOOD folks for their unique gift ideas, unusual holiday traditions, and some decidedly un-consumery things to make or experience in lieu of a trip to the mall or a click of the mouse. Hugs, gold, and time—all popular choices. Happy Holidays!—Allison Arieff

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GOOD Holiday Gift Guide 2010