Here Are 15 of the Best Moon Shots from NASA’s Just Released Archives

Over 8,000 images from the Apollo lunar missions were just revealed to the public by the space agency.

NASA has just released over 8,400 amazing, high-resolution images to Flicker as part of their Project Apollo Archive. The collection includes photographs from NASA’s moon missions as well as astronaut training sessions back on Earth.

The photos from space and the surface of the moon were captured by Hasselbad cameras. But the actual cameras used to take the photos didn’t come back from the Apollo missions. Due to their weight, they were left on the lunar surface so the astronauts could bring home rock samples instead. Currently, there are 12 Hasselbad cameras waiting patiently on the lunar surface for someone to take them back home. Luckily, the film rolls made it back safely and, as you can see, the shots are literally out of this world.

(H/T Flickr)