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Overly Patient Husband Doesn't Swing At Wife's Pitch, Ruining Gender Reveal Event

Step up to the plate.

You can’t blame Kyle Tait for being a little picky about his pitches. But you can certainly blame him for ruining a perfectly good gender-reveal party by refusing to swing at the pitch his wife tossed to him.

Tait, an Atlanta-area sports broadcaster, was set to reveal the gender of their baby by swinging at a fragile “ball” filled with either pink dust for a girl or blue dust for a boy.

He must not have liked the way the pitch was coming in because he decided to just let it fall to the ground, resulting in a very anticlimactic gender reveal announcement as the ball hit the ground and burst open in a pink cloud at his feet.


It’s a girl. Yay.

His tweet of the video suggests that even he doesn’t know why he refused to swing at the pitch, which was very close to the strike zone and certainly hittable.

I’m sure he was very excited to learn the sex of his baby, but maybe next time his wife will recruit a pinch hitter who isn’t afraid to swing away and give the crowd what they want.

As funny as Tait’s failure here was, the responses to his bizarrely disciplined approach are even funnier.

For examples of this sort of stunt done correctly, as usual, we turn to the pros. Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves did it to great fanfare last year.

Christian Colon of the Kansas City Royals followed suit just a couple months later to equal success.

Patience isn’t always a virtue in the batter’s box. Even a sports broadcaster should know that.

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